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Determine the right Sofa Bed Size

How To Determine Your Sofa Mattress Size

There are 3 ways to measure the sofa mattress sizes you need.

  1. Measure your current sofa mattress. This is the best and preferred way to determine the replacement sofa mattress size you need. Older innerspring sofa mattresses may warp through the years, so your measurements might be slightly smaller or larger than standard sofa mattress sizes.
  2. Look at the metal frame your replacement mattress sofa will be laying on. On the top-left and top-right sides of the frame, are there “L-brackets” that hold the bottom of the sofa mattress? If so, measure the width between the left and right L-brackets as this will be the maximum size you want to order (or else the replacement sofa mattress won’t fit into the top brackets).
  3. If the top surface of the metal frame is completely flat, then measure the distance from the inside of the left sofa arm, to the inside of the right sofa arm. You don’t want to order a sofa mattress replacement that is wider than this measurement or it won’t fold back into your sofa.